Levern Spencer

bblatka women-8615 LevernSpencer Uhrin 2
Agency Top Athletics
Discipline: high jump
Date of birth: 23.06.1984
Club: ---

Personal bests:

Saint Lucia flag

high jump outdoor - 1.98m NR (2010, Athens)

high jump indoor - 1.95m NR (2014, Sopot)


I am undoubtedly St. Lucia's most accomplished track and field athlete and definitely a pioneer for the sport. I have gone where once upon a time, St. Lucian athletes would only dream of going, thereby opening doors for others. I have shown by my achievements and accomplishments, that despite being from a small nation, we can achieve big things. The information below gives an insight into some of my greatest achievements during my lengthy career to date.


A. First St. Lucian to win a medal at a international event.

B. First and only St. Lucian to win a gold medal at the Pan American Games. Achieved that in Canada in 2015.

C. First and only St. Lucian to qualify and win a medal at the Continental Cup where she was representing the Americas.

D. First and only St. Lucian to date, to qualify for finals of the Olympic Games

E. First St. Lucian to qualify for the World Championships In Athletics

F. First St. Lucian to qualify for the World Indoor Championships

G. First St. Lucian track and field athlete to become a full time professional.

H. First St. Lucian to compete at the prestigious Diamond League


1. High School Record Holder

2. St. Lucia National Record Holder

3. Caricom Record Holder

4. Central America & Caribbean games record Holder.

5. Central America & The Caribbean Championship Record Holder.

6. North & Central America & The Caribbean Under 23 Championship Record Holder

7. North & Central America & The Caribbean Senior Championships Record Holder

8 . Albany State University Record Holder

12. University Of Georgia Record Holder

1. 2015 recipient of St. Lucia's second highest award." Medal Of Merit Gold".

2. Was made a Goodwill Ambassador for St. Lucia in 2020


2019 Pan American Games Lima (1)

2018 CAC Games Barranquilla (1)

2018 Commonwealth Games Gold Coast (1)

2018 NACAC Championships Toronto (1)

2018 World (Continental) Cup Ostrava (3)

2016 Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro (6)

2016 Diamond League meeting Shanghai (1)

2016 World Indoor Championships Portland (5)

2015 Pan American Games Toronto (1)

2015 NACAC Championships San José (1)

2014 CAC Games Veracruz (1)

2014 Commonwealth Games Glasgow (3)

2014 World (Continental) Cup Marrakesh (5)

2014 World Indoor Championships Sopot (7)

2013 CAC Championships Morelia (1)

2011 CAC Championships Mayagüez (1)

2011 Pan American Games Guadalajara (6)

2010 CAC Games Mayagüez (1)

2010 World (Continental) Cup Split (3)

2010 Commonwealth Games New Delhi (3)

2009 CAC Championships La Habana (1)

2008 CAC Championships Cali (1)

2007 Pan American Games Rio de Janeiro (3)

2006 NACAC U23 Championships Santo Domingo (1)

2006 Commonwealth Games Melbourne (5)

2005 CAC Championships Nassau (1)

2004 NACAC U23 Championships Sherbrooke (2)

2003 Pan American Games Santo Domingo (5)

2002 World U20 Championships Kingston (8)

2001 World U18 Championships Debrecen (3)


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