Athletes during coronavirus

Christos Frantzeskakis, GRE, Hammer Throw

Here in my country, in Greece we have lockdown too but in my hometown we have only one case of the coronavirus so it's not that dangerous for us but we follow all the instructions how to stay safe."

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Phil Norman, GBR, Steeple

I am keeping focused with training adapting to the current situation without being able to use a track and other facilities. Looking forward to racing later in the season and will be very grateful for it."

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Jerome Blake, CAN, 100/200 m

I am doing ok I can still practice."

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Jessie Knight, GBR, 400m/400mH

I am managing to keep a good level of training on grass and on the roads but missing the track and normality a lot."

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 Obi Igbkowe, USA, 400 m igbokwe1 indoor tour glasgow-0748

I'm good at home trying to still stay in shape. It's a little crazy over here and we're on a stay at home order but everything's ok."

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Luca Kozak, HUN, 100 m Hurdles me berlin d4-4306

I'm okay, trying to train every day. Fortunately, I can use the outdoor track 3 times a week. The gyms are closed, but my club was really helpful and I could take a lot of equipment"

She is also in preparation to get her bachelor degree in chemistry.

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Article: http://dehir.hu/sport/otkarikas-alom-elhalasztva-kozak-luca-egyelore-csak-a-kertben-gatazhat/2020/03/25/?fbclid=IwAR2T2bh-A2J9aVdjbh14wWSbhdBn89Mzxg7c6bnS3RDOEMMrHCNCgbGpiSw

 Agata Zupin, SLO, 400 m hurdles

For now I am ok. It is a little different with trainings but I am ok with that. Running trainings I do on hipodrom ( stadion for horses) I got 7 hurdles to home to do exercises. And for power I have fitness at home and I got treadmill."

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Tibor Koroknai, HUN, 400 m Hurdles

We are working out and really hoping for a start in July. I hope we can run at the EU championship this year. I had my first 400h workout outdoors yesterday, it was a lot of fun. Kind of a joy ride in this situation."

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